It appears likely that the Welsh Government is set to receive £400 million as a result of the money allocated to education in England. Dyfodol i’r Iaith have asked for a proportion of this money to be set aside to help parents of school age to learn Welsh.

Heini Gruffudd, the organisation’s Chair said:

“We have asked the First Minister, the Minister for Education and the Welsh Language Minister to allocate £10 million of this money to encourage parents to learn Welsh and for the work to be administered through the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

The money can be spent on Welsh language lessons for parents committed to using the language within their homes. This would be a great boost to children who are learning the language within all schools, Welsh-medium or otherwise, and would be a significant step towards the aim of creating Welsh-language households. We believe that establishing the Welsh language in the home is key to the future success of the language, and that this investment would provide excellent value for the language.”


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