The Welsh language belongs to everyone and we want to take every opportunity to build relationships and work with other organisations that want to reach the same goal to ensure a prosperous future for the Welsh language.

We’ve recently received numerous messages of support which includes the important message below, received from Mudiad Meithrin. We look forward to collabarating with Mudiad Meithrin in the coming months.

The Welsh language is a gift that we can give to every child in Wales – a gift that will enrich lives, be the key to a unique way of seeing the world, expand skills and unite a nation.

It is our privilege as Mudiad Meithrin to be there at the beginning of the journey of so many young children when they are immersed in Welsh when receiving first-class early care and education, and to see them and their families taking first steps to own the language themselves.

We are encouraged that parents from all backgrounds choose to embrace the Welsh language for their children, and that we see the growth of Welsh civic, multi-cultural and Welsh citizenship, as background, class, race, religion and ability are not a barrier to speaking Welsh.

Unfortunately too many children are still being deprived of the opportunity to acquire the Welsh language. There is still no legislation that places Welsh as the medium of education in the Foundation Phase. It must be challenged when people think that the Welsh language is for a small group only, address the need for more resources to promote the Welsh language, and call for strategic planning to meet the demand for Welsh-medium education.

We look forward to working with Dyfodol and all those who share the same aspirations as us, to go beyond the million speakers, and realise a truly Welsh-speaking and multilingual Wales.

Gwenllian Lansdown Davies – Chief Executive Mudiad Meithrin

We received many responses to our consultation on Planning the Regeneration of the Welsh Language, from individuals, organisations and companies.

  • “The agency should be at arm’s length from the government (and the Senedd) with representation from one or more of our Universities as part of it.
  • It should include recognised experts in regeneration and restoration of minority languages not only from Wales but from countries that have – or are in the process of – successfully restoring such languages.
  • The agency should make a real effort to learn from the experiences of other countries, such as the Basque Country, Israel, Latvia , etc.
  • Sources of funding would need to be found for the agency. What about Welsh Government and contributions from each of the Universities of Wales as a place to start?”     Gwyn Hopkins, Former Councillor of Carmarthenshire County Council

and a tweet of support from Dafydd Iwan

Dyfodol i’r Iaith has supporters from every part of the country. When They have stated that “a non-governmental organisation needs to be established that will have influence by responding creatively to the new legislative and political context of Wales.”

Amongst Dyfodol i’r Iaith’s supporters are those listed below. Join them on this journey to demand a voice and future for the language!

Dr Huw Lewis
Angharad Mair
Emyr Lewis
Cynog Dafis
Heini Gruffudd
Professor Richard Wyn Jones
Elin Wyn
Ron Jones
Dr Bleddyn Huws
Beti George
Dr Simon Brooks
Angharad Dafis
Nick Bennett
Hywel Williams (historian)
Dr Elin Royles
Barry Morgan, Former Archbishop of Wales