We are pleased to announce our presentation for this year’s Eisteddfod and are delighted that Dr Elin Jones has agreed to discuss the rich relationship between Wales and its language from the perspective of the past and looking into the future. The event will take place on the Eisteddfod Maes at Pabell y Cymdeithasau 1 at 1pm on Wednsday, August 3rd. Make a note of the date and we look forward to the presentation!

“Following the success of her ground-breaking book, Hanes yn y Tir, Dr Elin Jones will be discussing her findings regarding the central importance of the Welsh language to Wales’s history. The book shows how the history of Wales has formed the landscape, and her lecture will outline how the Welsh language is also interwoven with our history. From our place names to our personal names, from key concepts to the days of the week, our history is embedded in the words we speak, our history is in our language, the past in our words – and the future of that language is now in our hands.”


Thank you to everyone who made this such a memorable Eisteddfod for us: to those who contributed to our presentations and talks, those who provided entertainment or who simply came over for a chat and to discuss our work with us.


We delivered two presentations from the stage of Pabell y Cymdeithasau, including a timely and positive discussion on the contribution of local government to the strategy of Cymraeg 2050. We believe that it is both practical and necessary for the local authorities in the Welshest areas (Anglesey, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, as well as Gwynedd) to adopt Welsh as its internal administrative medium. Dyfrig Siencyn from Gwynedd and Peter Hughes-Griffiths from Carmarthenshire discussed the challenge and reality of achieving this, with Gwerfyl Pierce Jones chairing the meeting.

Cynog Dafis and Dr Kathryn Jones of Iaith Cyf. outlined the importance of Language Planning and robust, appropriate management structures if we are to formulate a comprehensive strategy which will produce the right circumstances and goodwill to allow growth for the language. This is the cornerstone of our approach, and we hope that this presentation will provide a basis for further discussion. It was good to note that this was being discussed within the context of positive developments, such as the Welsh Minister’s recent statement that language expertise will be called upon as the next steps are being planned for the regeneration of the language.


We welcomed a range of experts to share their thoughts and experiences with visitors to our stall. Gareth Pierce discussed education needs; Owen Evans, Chief Executive of S4C, outlined the future of the channel; and Simon Brooks and Wyn Thomas introduced the problems facing the Welsh language in the context of the planning system.


Following all the discussion, it was pleasant to relax and enjoy the programme of mid-afternoon entertainment which we’d arranged again this year. Thank you to all the fantastic musicians who brought us such joy during the week!