Dyfodol i’r Iaith has given a tentative welcome to the announcement made by Eluned Morgan, the Welsh Language Minister, at the Eisteddfod today (Monday August 5th). The lobbying organisation is pleased to hear that language experts are to appointed to contribute to the strategy of creating a million Welsh speakers, and see this as a first step towards adopting the principles of Language Planning to lead the work of producing a comprehensive response to the challenge of ensuring a flourishing future for the Welsh language.

It was noted however that more committment is needed, in terms of resources and power if we are to reach the target. Heini Gruffudd, Dyfodol’s Chair said:

“We are pleased that the Government will be making the most of the available Language Planning expertise; this is a first step towards establishing the kind of comprehensive strategy that we have been pressing for.”

“However, we must bear in mind the the enormity of the challenge we face, and this cannot be surmounted without adequate resources. Dyfodol calculates that £100 million is needed to achieve the objectives of Cymraeg 2050. We also beilieve that the Government Department responsible for the language has to have the necessary status and visibility to have a tangible influence.”

“We will continue to press for adequate funding and a robust infrastructure which are worthy of the task ahead, and we will be calling for a meeting with the First Minister at the earliest opportunity.”

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