Dyfodol i’r Iaith is calling for significant investment in a language training programme for teachers.

The call comes following the announcement of education Minister Kirsty Williams that Welsh second language will no longer be offered.

Heini Gruffudd, Chairman of Dyfodol i’r Iaith, says: “We welcome the Minister’s announcement, but there must be an intense program of language training for thousands of teachers.”

“Currently, Welsh-medium schools that teach subjects through the medium of Welsh are the only model that successfully gives equal language skills in Welsh and English to every pupil.”

“Teaching Welsh as a subject is not enough – other subjects must be taught through the medium of Welsh. Wales’ schools will not be able to do this without a large increase in the number of teachers of Welsh with a qualification in the language, and a significant increase in the number of subject teachers who can teach through the medium of the language. ”

“We have to follow the Basque Country pattern, where a huge investment was made in ensuring that teachers have sufficient linguistic skills. Without doing this, there is a danger that the Minister’s hopes will be vain hopes. ”

“We are therefore calling on the Government to introduce an extensive programme of language training for thousands of teachers.”


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