This is a fateful time for the Welsh language. The Welsh Government has announced the intention to set up a new Commission that will lead on all aspects of promoting and regulating the language. This is a golden opportunity for expansion and working positively towards the language’s growth.

But, if we are to see this Commission make a real difference, we must press for a strong body; one which makes the most of language planning expertise and good practice. It must also be adequately resourced. We are calling for a Commission that call coordinate all the diverse sectors and influence all Government Departments to ensure comprehensive collaboration to build on what has already been achieved. We need a Commission that can respond to the tough challenges that lie ahead.

We will be pressing for appropriate priorities to support language growth. We wish to see a National Language Commission that will:

  • Promote the Welsh language within the family and the community
  • Promote Welsh-medium education
  • Give a centrall role to Welsh history and awareness within schools
  • Create a comprehensive programme to learn the language in the workplace, education and the home
  • Contribute to planning homes and economic development in the language’s heartlands
  • Contribute to making the Welsh language a common feature on the streets of our cities, towns and villages
  • Introduce a programme for Welsh Language Centres, which will become a powerhouse for the language within our communities
  • Give help and support in administering the language standards
  • Create language standards for the private sector

We cannot achieve this without putting pressure on the politicians, and over the coming months, we must increase our workload if we are to realize our hopes.

In response to this challenge, we wish to establish an office, with a full-time lobbying officer in Cardiff Bay, to work proactively and respond immediately to all the developments and strengthen our profile with the politicians and officers within the Senedd to get the best outcome for the Welsh language.

We need to raise £50,000.00 to achieve this. As an independent and politically unaligned organisation, Dyfodol is totally dependent on the support of individuals who share our vision. We are already influential, thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters.

Will you support us, and pride yourselves on working together to contribute to the future success of the Welsh language?



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