Dyfodol i’r Iaith looks forward to seeing the Welsh Government establish an independent body to promote the Welsh language. This body will prioritise language schemes based upon the acknowledged principles of language planning. This was Cynog Dafis’s message to a meeting held in Aberystwyth at the end of April.

Although steps have been taken over the past five years in terms of individual rights, it is important to ensure that the use of the Welsh language is promoted within the home, community and the workplace. This is not an area for legislation; but rather, positive government action at grass-roots level.

We need to consider how the counties of west Wales can work together to implement policies for the benefit of the language. This focus would include economic growth and the planning of housing, in addition to increasing the use of Welsh as an administrative language within local government and other bodies.

Although progress has been made in raising the status of the Welsh language over the years, there remains a pressing need to strengthen the language in the home, community and within education. These three areas form the cornerstones for ensuring growth in the number of speakers, and in the use of the language for the future.

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