Dyfodol i’r Iaith has issued a cautious response to the Welsh Government’s Strategy to develop Welsh language education over the next four years, as part of its aim to create a million Welsh speakers by the year 2050.

The organisation appreciates the background work that went into the Plan, and warmly welcomes its commitment to the growth of Welsh language education. The recognition of the need to recruit teachers is also a positive and necessary step.

The announcement comes at a key stage for the growth of the language, and Heini Gruffudd, Dyfodol’s Chair said, “This Plan has to work, given the Welsh Government’s failure to reach its goals in the past.”

He went on to explain:

“It worries us greatly that the percentage in Welsh-medium education has fallen in 9 counties over the past 5 years. Unlike the Government, we are very doubtful that the English-medium schools can deliver the dramatic and necessary change. These schools simply cannot deliver full language skills in both languages, as Welsh-medium schools are able to.

We therefore call upon the Government to create an emergency programme to ensure the growth of Welsh-medium schools.”


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