The Planning (Wales) Bill

As the Environment and Sustainability Committee prepares to discuss amendments to the Planning (Wales) Bill this week, Dyfodol i’r Iaith are pressing for greater consideration of Welsh language needs in relation to individual applications.

While Dyfodol is appreciative of the willingness already expressed to strengthen the language within the planning process, the organisation also believes that any ambiguity regarding the position of the Welsh language as a consideration in individual applications should now be removed.

This principle needs to be securely established within a mechanism that gives due consideration the language.

Speaking on behalf of Dyfodol i’r Iaith, Emyr Lewis said, “This has been a constant demand from Dyfodol and other language organisations, and this ambiguity needs to be settled once and for all.”

“This Bill provides an opportunity to provide the same protection for the Welsh language as that already given to considerations such as the environment and conservation; our priority now is to persuade our politicians to verify this.”

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