Areas of Linguistic Sensitivity


Language group Dyfodol i’r Iaith has called for all areas of Wales to be designated according to language sensitivity. This designation would be the foundation of a new regime to consider the Welsh language in planning matters.

In a document published today Dyfodol calls for statutory responsibility to be given to a new body to designate each electoral ward in Wales according to its linguistic sensitivity. The designation would vary according to the number of Welsh speakers and other factors and the body would review the designation every five years.

Dyfodol prepared the Planning Guideline after an invitation from the First Minister, Carwyn  Jones, to write a paper that would outline how to consider the Welsh language in planning matters in a practical way.

Bethan Jones Parry, President of  Dyfodol, said “It is essential that the Welsh language is included on the face of the proposed Planning Bill  and the next step is to develop a practical guide for planning authorities and developers”.

“When any area is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest it is easy for developers and planners to understand that special consideration must be given to the environment. With a designation of an Area of Linguistic Sensitivity the same would be true when it comes to considering the wellbeing of the Welsh language,” said Ms Jones Parry.

Dyfodol suggest either establishing a new body to have responsibility for designating areas of linguistic sensitivity or giving the responsibility and an appropriate budget to the Welsh Language Commissioner to do the work.

You can read the whole document here: Dyfodol on Planning & Welsh Language

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