Pembrokeshire County Council

Language organisation Dyfodol i’r iaith has called on Pembrokeshire County Council to correct misleading information about the Welsh language in a job advertisement.


In a recent advert for a job in social work the council says “the Welsh language does not feature prominently in the delivery of social care”. The advert also says “Generally, Welsh is only spoken as a first language in some parts of north Pembrokeshire”.


According to the 2011 Census there are around 23,000 Welsh speakers in Pembrokeshire, which equates to 19% of the population. Heini Gruffudd, Chair of Dyfodol, says the statement in the advert gives a misleading impression of the linguistic situation in Pembrokeshire and therefore belittles the use of the language and of Welsh speakers’ need to receive social care in Welsh.


Heini Gruffudd said, “We welcome the fact that the council is offering free language lessons to workers but it would be good to see the council making a genuine effort to provide social workers that can deal with Welsh speakers thoroughly  rather than offering a few phrases as a matter of courtesy.”


Mr Gruffudd added, “We would like to see the Welsh Language Commissioner drawing Pembrokeshire Council’s attention to good practice in this field, ask them to correct their information and to offer a better service to Welsh speakers.”



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