Grants to Welsh language

Grants for the Welsh language in the community

Welsh language group Dyfodol yr Iaith welcomes the fact that the Welsh Government has continued its committment to provide grants for organisations that promote the Welsh language in the community. We also welcome the very small increase in the funding at a time of financial austerity.

Dyfodol would also like to see the Government implementing another of the action points outlined in its Welsh Language Strategy, “A living language: A language for living” namely action point 6: Mainstream the Welsh language across all of the Welsh Government’s activities”.(page 24) There is very little evidence that this is happening at present. One example is the Welsh Government’s Strategy for Older People. There is not a single reference to the Welsh language in the document. The consultation period on the Strategy for Older People came to an end today and Dyfodol has presented a comprehensive response drawing attention to this basic weakness.

We look forward to an opportunity to have a discussion with the government on how to acheive the aims of “A living language: A language for living”.



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