Dyfodol i’r Iaith welcomes the amendment to the Planning Bill put forward by William Powell and supported by Llyr Huws Griffiths and the Minister, Carl Sargeant.

As a result of this amendment, planning authorities must, when relevant, pay attention to considerations relating to the use of the Welsh language in deciding upon planning applications. This is a great step forward, and should end the uncertainty that has led to Welsh language considerations not being given attention for fear that this would not be within the law.

Dyfodol’s representatives, Meirion Davies and Emyr Lewis have presented strong political and legal arguments for such an amendment to the Planning Committee, and reiterated these arguments in meetings with Carwyn Jones and the Welsh Government’s planning officers.

Dyfodol is delighted that politicians of all parties across Wales have supported this amendment. It is indicative of the wide support across Wales for the need to support Welsh as a living community language. The Minister and all the politicians are to be congratulated on their enlightened response to the lobbying.

It is worrying however that other recommendations made by the Committee have not been adopted; these would have built upon the foundation set by this amendment.

Dyfodol continues to call for a statutory body, at arms’ length from the Government, with responsibility for promoting the Welsh language and planning for its welfare.

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